Message From Director

“I take the pleasure in welcoming you to Star Infotech College. It is an institute dedicated to the proper growth and development of each and every student for a better career prospect. Star Infotech College, Ajmer is a leading learning centre which commenced in 2003.

The institute is all set to bring out the potential within each student and provide proper guidance so that their potentials can be utilized to make them future engineers capable of meeting any challenge that will be faced by them after leaving the college.

Our objectives of imparting professional education, combined with fostering innovative thinking, application of knowledge, inculcating professional ethics and consciousness to social responsibilities, are being met at Star Infotech in an integrated form.

It is recognised by the Govt of Rajasthan and is affiliated to MDS University, Ajmer BCA, MSC-IT.

The research activities of our faculty lead to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience of our students that is realized at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The research training provided to our graduate students creates the next generation of scholars well-prepared to advance knowledge and transfer technology. The extension of research opportunities to an ever-increasing group of undergraduate students adds a dimension of experience to the undergraduate education that simply cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Our students learn the joy as well as the rigours of new discovery, and acquire skills of inquiry, evaluation, and communication that provide a foundation for the next phases of their careers and lives.

“Let us think of Education as the means of developing our ‘Abilities’ because in each of us there is ‘Hope’ and ‘Dream’ which fulfilled can be translated into benefit for everyone and for our Nation”.

We hope to continue with the good work in future too and look forward to a long and fruitful association with you.

Mr. Shaikh Mustakim